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Since 2012 our Texas Divorce Service has been providing cheap Texas Divorce preparation service for all counties in Texas. By using our cheap Texas divorce service, you are able to file and finalize your own cheap divorce in Texas quickly, and without the high costs of an attorney. We make the uncontested divorce process simple and affordable. We provide detailed step-by step filing instructions, and we offer suppor through the process. Ask about the Waiver divorce, which may allow your divorce in Texas to be filed and finalized in the county in which you reside, and without your spouse having to be physically present or appear in court.

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Our paralegals custom prepare your cheap Texas Divorce documents and deliver them to you by e-mail within three business days! Your cheap Texas divorce documents are professionally prepared using the latest court approvex forms for your county. Our documents are attorney-approved and are Guaranteed to be accepted by the Court or your money back! Start your cheap divorce in Texastoday! Ask about our FAST Texas Waiver divorce!

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Secret to getting a cheap and fast divorce in Texas without an attorney

Attorneys don`t want you to know that you can finalize a divorce in Texas alot faster by filing it yourself. Even after an attorney is paid, he or she may wait a week or two before even filing your papers. Even if you are not sure if yoir spouse is going to sign the papers, you may still be able to finalize the divorce by default WITHOUT your spouse`s signature. That`s right! You can file your divorce petition and have your spouse served with a summons. If your spouse does not hire an attorney and respond to the petition within 30 days, the divorce is finalized by entry of a default judgment- without your spouse`s signature.

We make the process of getting a cheap divorce in Texas fast and simple. Call us today!

To get an uncontested divorce in Texas you must meet the following criteria:

You or your spouse have lived in Texas for at least 6 months

You or your spouse have lived in the county where you are filing for divorce for at least 3 months, and...

You and your spouse agree on all the terms for your divorce.

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