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Since 2001 Texas Divorce Service has been providing the most affordable and most reliable online legal document preparation service for all 50 states. We understand that most couples cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on an attorney for uncontested legal matters. We are dedicated to providing the most affordable solution to the high costs associated with attorneys.

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If you and your spouse are in agreement with the terms of your Texas divorce, our paralegals will custom prepare your divorce documents and have them delivered to you for filing within two-hours! All you have to do is file your divorce and then appear in court to have it finalized. It really is that simple!

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If the terms for your Texas uncontested divorce change, we will make any necessary corrections for no addittional cost. Our professionals are ALWAYS available to speak to you and answer any question you may have. We offer a wide range of legal document preparation services which include uncontested divorces, child custody and child support modifications, criminal record expungements, and more. We fully guarantee that you will not find a more reliable or a more affordable legal document preparation service.

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  • Guaranteed Lost Cost Available for Texas Divorce Preparation
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  • Uncontested Divorces
  • Modify or Establish Child Custody and Child Support
  • Criminal Record Expungements
  • Pardons
  • Parole Packages & Prionser Early Release Services

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